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Cebu – Negros Oriental Ferry Schedule: Maayo Shipping

Another fun way to travel to Cebu Island, Philippines from Negros Island, Philippines and vice versa is to bring a car and cross the Tanon Strait by ferry boat. This is one of the routes included in the navigational highway that would connect major Philippine islands.

From any point in Negros Oriental Island, you can go to the Maayo Shipping (Matiao Shipping) wharf or pier in Barangay Tampi, San Jose town, Negros Oriental and take a roro (roll on-roll off) barge or ferry boat that crosses the Tanon Strait and take you to the wharf of Maayo Shipping in Bato, Santander, Cebu Island.  On the same note, you can come from any point in Cebu and go to Maayo Shipping wharf in Bato, Santander passing by either the Oslob (southeast) route or the Barili (southwest) route.  Any of these routes will still take you to Bato (on the south tip of Cebu island) where the wharf is.

Travel time is 30 minutes for smooth sea and 45 minutes for rough sea.

As of this date, Maayo Shipping has the following ferry boats or barge:  LCT Georgia, LTC Anita, LCT Tampi Twin I, LCT Martin, LCT Tampi Twin, LCT Bato Twin, LCT Wilcox

The regular schedule for the Maayo Shipping ferry for Tampi to Bato and Bato to Tampi is:

5:00 AM                                        1:30 PM                             9:30 PM

6:30 AM                                        3:00 PM                           11:30 PM

8:00 AM                                       4:30 PM

9:30 AM                                       6:00 PM

11:30 AM                                     7:30 PM

Loading will be on a first come first serve basis. The Ceres buses get first priority space. In between these regular schedule, there may be special trips to accommodate vehicles that cannot be loaded in the regular schedule.  This is usually done when there are unusually large number of passengers that it would be necessary to field special trips.  Long holidays like Christmas, Holy Week, All Souls Day are usually peak season for passengers.

Ferry Fare for Vehicles including Arrastre (as of August 15, 2010):

Motorcycle – P255

Car – P870

Van (Hi-ace/Delica/Urvan) – P1,060

Light Trucks 6 wheelers (eg. Canter, Elf)- P1,530

Mid Truck (Fuso Fighter) – P1,808 (empty), P2,060 (loaded)

Big Trucks (eg. Isuzu Forward) – P2,300 (empty), P2,530 (loaded)

10 wheeler Long Bed or Dropside –  P3,190 (empty),  P3,445 (loaded)

Trailer – P6,280 (empty) – P7,800 (loaded)

Additional Expense: P25 municipal fee for Santander town, Cebu Island and none for Barangay Tampi, San Jose, Negros Oriental Island

Freebies for those with vehicles:  2 passengers per vehicle.  P70 per passenger in excess of 2. Half fare for children. 10% discount for senior citizens.

Passengers without any loaded vehicles are also accommodated.  Fare is P70 per passenger. Half fare for children. 10% discount for senior citizens.

Please contact their office if you want to verify current rates as their rates are subject to change without prior notice.

Contact Maayo Shipping Tampi – (035) -417-0280

(Office open Monday to Saturday 8:00-12:00AM, 1:00-5:00PM)



  1. is there open in holiday like black thursday and good friday?

    • yes they are open on black thursday and good friday but the trips are limited during good friday.

  2. naay byehi sa holyweek? black thursday or good friday?

    • sorry for the late reply. i overlooked this. they are open even on holidays but the trips are limited during good friday, christmas and new year.

  3. hi ,
    the way you posted your schedule is confusing , can u change it please and update as well so we can anticipate the time ..
    thanks ..

    • hi! may i know which part is confusing so i can clarify it?

  4. Documents needed for roro trip cebu to dumaguete for car please

    • they just need to look at your car registration. that is all. no need for ancar clearance, etc. like before.

  5. do they have a trip today? even there’s a thunderstorm? i need to be there today for CIVIRAA.. pls reply asap or text 09223827222

    • There is no trip today. Typhoon Signal No. 1 has been hoisted over Cebu so all ferries are grounded until the Typhoon Pablo gets out of the area and the storm signal is lifted. With the typhoon expected to hit Cebu and Negros in the next few days, will the CVIRAA competitions scheduled this week still push through?

  6. hi,good afternoon! do you have schedule for pump boats going to dumaguete on saturday? we really need to know,please send me a txt thru this number.. 09473812640, i need to know your answer asap..salamat!

    • There are pumpboats that ply the Liloan (in Santander, Cebu) to Sibulan (town next to Dumaguete) every 30 minutes or so. It docks at the port of Sibulan that is about 15 minutes away from Dumaguete. The safest choice would also be the fastferry that ply the same route. It is serviced by Cuadro Alas Shipping. You may try to contact them through mobile no. 09224232400 / 09229858234. Thank you.

  7. I find this very useful and informative. Thanks and keep up the good work!

    • Thank you for taking the time to read this blog.

  8. Are these the latest trip schedules?

    • I am sorry but I haven’t traveled this route for months but I will try to get the latest schedule and post it online. Thank you.

  9. hi,may i know if there is trip to tampi from bato on sunday or monday?

    • Yes, there is a trip to tampi from bato on sunday and monday. The only reason that there will be no trip is if there is a typhoon signal and the coast guard will prevent the vessels from leaving. Thank you.

  10. is there a trip on December 24, 2013 from bato Cebu to Dumaguete, Tampi Amlan?

    • I checked with maayo shipping and they will have trips from bato, cebu to tampi, negros on december 24 although the schedule might no longer be strictly followed because of the expected deluge of vehicles and passengers.

  11. what is their landline number?

    • You can call them at Landline (035) 4197371 or (035) 4003059 or (035) 4198140 or Mobile (0917) 7107080

  12. The barge leaving Bato today at 8 am is so full… the passengers are trying to find a space to pass going to the back ….. Nobody is facilitating and helping the passengers . As always they give priority to the vehicles and not minding the safety of the passengers . After a friend had an accident here because she had to walk sideways and sustained injuries on her head , the personnel a were attentive to the passengers for s while …. Now it’s back to to each his own !!
    Attention Jerry …. Check your barges each time … And have space for the passengers cuz it’s 4 in a row – 2 vans, 1 sub and a car !!!

  13. Good day..
    Ask lang ko what time lastrip from bato to tampi?

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